Hey there and welcome! My name is Amber, but you might know me as Lunakiri.
This is just a site that has a collection of my art as a portfolio kind of place. For no reason other than I figured I probably should.
Yes, there are other places you can view my work, but here I can have some freedom with how I do it.
So, the following buttons will take you through the various sections to peruse at your leisure~


Exactly what it says on the tin. These are the chibi (or cheebs, as I like to call them) pieces I've done.If you'd like one yourself, my prices start at $20usd and can change depending on complexity/details and if you want any animated elements.

Character Designs

I have found that I have a passion for character designing, both in terms of just the aesthetics/look of the character, and helping to design/develop who they are. These are my own characters, but are some of my recent character designs that I have done.If you'd like me to design a character, contact me! My prices start at $25usd, and will absolutely vary depending on what you're looking for.

Traditional Creations

I enjoy working with my coloured pencils, and my alcohol markers from time to time. Hell, sometimes I enjoy playing with watercolours! This section is just for those goodies.These are more expensive, as they are with traditional media, and as a result require restock on the supplies. The price for these starts at $50usd, and will vary depending on content.

Sooo I've recently discovered, while doing my own bunch of carrd sites, I actually enjoy doing these.
So I'm going to list to the side most that I've done (I will leave any that have spicy content out of the list!)
Obviously, some might not be available to view, depending on the owner of the site, and if they change the link/remove the site entirely/etc

To Do List

All right, so you want to see what my basic commissions queue is? Well, here's where you can find out =)Note: I am horrible with keeping anything like this updated. If you want to ask about it, or prompt me to update this thing, please do feel free to do so!

ClientOrderN/SFWDue DateProgress
RinniClover AnimationSFWJuly 1Sketching frames
Stitched_Aqua22 EmotesSFWApril 15 Left
RosalinaxGirlExtended DealsNSFWN/ACleaning up an ani
Neko on DiscordZomwalkNSFWMay 151/2 done